【Solar Cleaning Kit A】

Solar Cleaning System Kit specially design for maintenance and cleaning of Solar photovoltaic systems Projects.

  • MODEL: 4M/6M/8M/10M
  • MOQ: 1 SETS

【Solar Cleaning Kit A】

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Honunity Solar Cleaning Kit A (i.e. Water-driven disc brush) is a mobile, only water powered disc brush rotate cleaning system for maintenance and cleaning of photovoltaic systems. The professional cleaning is done just with clean water, usually without the addition of chemicals. The Honunity D600/D800 water-driven disc brush is powered with a pressure washer to rotate the brush, thus supplies the brush with water, which simultaneously cleaning the PV system.

The Honunity D600/D800 water-driven brush head with a working width of 600/800 mm is suitable for high-pressure cleaners with a water flow rate of 600 to 1,000 l/h. It is features two contra-rotating disc brushes and is used to clean photovoltaic systems. The contra-rotating brushes balance out any transverse forces, ensuring optimal handling. And the flexible angle joint on the brush head's connection makes work easier.

The brush head is designed for especially high area performance - ideal for cleaning large systems, for example on rooftops. There are practically no limitations on how D600/D800 water-driven disc brush can be used. Wherever PV systems are installed, such as large photovoltaic plant, household solar photovoltaic power generation, PV power plant for agricultural greenhouse, commercial roof top PV system, off-grid PV, floating PV power plant for fishpond,it can be used.

It is a low cost, high efficiency manual cleaning PV module tool. and it is suitable for professional cleaning company, and PV enterprises maintenance supply.

1. Why Honunity HU-CE-01A Solar Cleaning Kit? 

  • Can wash very far, good handling

Systems of all sizes can be cleaned with the aid of carbon fiber rod – available in lengths' of up to 10 m. The hose can be up to 100 m, and it means have a very large working area. For the inclined installation of the panels , the  flexible connection allows the brush to always close to the panels surface.

  •  Water conservation

The flow rate of water is 10 L/min~16 L/min. Cleaned one megawatt of PV module panel will consumes 30~40 tons of water.

  • Matching and compatibility easy

This system is also compatible with many kind of pressure washers, with a water quantity of 600 - 1000 l/h, that meaning, existing pressure washers can usually be used to operate it. Because the system is modular, we can build a custom solution to fulfill any requirement.

Various accessories and spare parts, such as connector, are easy to find.

  • Longer time service life.

The water-driven professional cleaning device for photovoltaic systems has a closed gearbox, metal spray, soft nylon bristles, low working pressure. A more robust gearbox and high-end ball bearings ensure a longer life.

2. System Overview

HU-CE-01A Solar Cleaning Kit is a modular system that enables safe and efficient cleaning of solar and photovoltaic systems of any size. This system includes: rotating brushes that attach to carbon fiber rod of various lengths and are supplied with water from a pressure washer. The brushes operate at low pressure – eliminating the risk of damage to the modules.

Honunity Water-driven disc brush cleaning kits (Standrad Solution) Consists of following components:

①Nylon Dis Brush;       ②Flexible Angle Joint;         ③Carbon Fiber Rod;         ④High-pressure Hose;            ⑤High-pressure Cleaner(High-pressure Pump);        ⑥Water Outlet;            ⑦Water Inlet;                     ⑧Pressure Regulator.

The water supply hoses is connected to the pump, which has a switch and can adjust the flow rate of the water.

System Components_Solar Cleaning Equipment_Solar Panel Cleaning_Cleaning Brush_Solar Maintenance_Honunity Technology

Technical Specification_Solar Cleaning Equipment_Solar Panel Cleaning_Cleaning Brush_Solar Maintenance_Honunity Technology

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Disc Brush

Carbon fiber rod_Solar Cleaning Equipment_Solar Panel Cleaning_Cleaning Brush_Solar Maintenance_Honunity Technology

Carbon Fiber Rod(1m/2m Standard legnth at Options)

Details Description_High Pressure Pump_Solar Cleaning equipment_Solar Brush Kit_Honunity Technology

Details Description_High Pressure Pump_Solar Cleaning equipment_Solar Brush Kit_Honunity Technology

High-Pressure Pump

High Pressure Hoses_Solar Cleaning Equipment_Solar Panel Cleaning_Cleaning Brush_Solar Maintenance_Honunity Technology

High pressure hoses

Connectors_Solar Cleaning Equipment_Solar Panel Cleaning_Cleaning Brush_Solar Maintenance_Honunity Technology


Working Capability

Water-driven brush have a high efficiency. A single person can wash more than 200~400 square meters per hour.

Water Consumption

Water-driven brush working with clean water. Cleaning one square meter panels, the average water consumption is only 2 to 3 liters. Clean  one megawatt panels. Water consumption is about 20 to 40 tons.

When the working pressure changes, the flow changes. Can be adjusted by the Knob above the pump

flow 10 L / min, at pressure 2 MPa

flow 13 L / min, at pressure 3 MPa

flow 16 L / min, at pressure 4 MPa

If possible, used the deionised ultra-pure water. Deionised ultra-pure water is the perfect complement for gently cleaning your photovoltaic system. The resin filter instantly produces 100% pure water. Optimal for the residue-free cleaning of PV systems. They ensure residue-free and clean modules.

Service Life

The water-driven brush its service life is greater than 5 years.

Continuous working time is more than 3000 hours.

Can complete the cleaning area of more than 0.5 million square meters.

3. Tips for cleaning

  • Use more water .The more water the more clean, the greater the pressure the more clean the clean

  • Pre-wet the panels, that is, first rinse the panels with water, and then use the brush cleaning, that is more efficient

  • Used of cleaning agents, which can improve the cleaning efficiency.

  • Make the dirty water flow out immediately, if not, after it dry, there is water-based stains on the glass surface, you can flush with water again and then washed again to solve the problem.

  • You can also adjust the length of the Squeegee , or replace the different materials of the squeegee  to improve the cleaning effect.

  • By using longer water hoses to improve the efficiency, for some of the building, it is difficulty to transport the cleaner (high press pump) to the roof, then you can put the pump on the ground floor, through the hoses to the transport high pressure water to the roof. The length of the high pressure hoses can over 100 meters.  

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